UV lights and HVAC systems have been around for decades now. They have kept our home temperatures controlled. They have also helped keep your homes safe from germs and other particles that are harmful to our bodies. UV lights help us to see germs and stains that are not visible; they are great for cleaning messes that you can’t see and get rid of harmful bacteria, which can cause sickness and other illnesses. You don’t want to be getting sick often because your home is filled with germs that you can’t see or clean. You also don’t want your allergies to be off the roof since you don’t have a proper and clean ventilation system.

When thinking about UV light, the first that may come to mind is harmful radiation that can negatively affect the skin. However, this is not true, the effect of UV lights all depend on their wavelengths. UV rays from the sun are composed of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays, often called germicidal UV-C rays that can get rid of tiny microorganisms by scrambling their DNA. So you won’t have to worry about any harmful bugs crawling around your home without your knowledge.

If you have been wondering if the bacteria build-up in your HVAC systems should be a primary concern, the answer is yes. Bacteria build-up inside your ventilation systems can cause indoor air pollution; this can lead to many respiratory health-related issues, such as allergies and asthma. Without a clear or proper air system inside of your home, every breath you take could be filled with chemicals and bacteria. Things such as UV lights can help your home’s air quality improve drastically. The UV rays are safe so that when you point it towards yourself, nothing happens, but when it is pointed at other surfaces, it will kill fungi, viruses, mould and bacteria.

UV lights and HVAC systems are great investments for your own home if you would like to be able to take a deep breath once again. It is important that you have proper and clean air quality in your home; without this, you will see that your allergies will worsen and start to develop breathing problems. If you are looking for furnaces in Muskoka or Bracebridge, then make sure to contact Your Local HVAC System.