When spring-like weather finally begins to peek its head out between sandwiched chilly days, it can still feel like we have a lot of time before summer hits. But, as Canadians know, it can feel like we are living in entirely different climates in a matter of days – from frosty and frigid one minute to humid and hot the next. You are left wondering how to keep your home comfortable and questioning when you should turn on your air conditioner. The answer is when you have these three elements aligned: a clean unit, the ideal temperature outside and a clean bill of health from a technician.

Nice Weather

To save money, it might be tempting to wait until it gets scorching outside to turn on your air conditioning unit, but experts warn against doing that. Instead, your AC unit should be turned on the first day temperatures hit above 20’C to make sure it runs correctly before even hotter weather hits.

If there is a problem with your unit, checking it out early means you can get it fixed right away on a 20-degree day when it’s not a necessity to cool your home. Don’t wait until the first 30-degree day to turn it on and then suffer while waiting for a technician to show up.

Spring Cleaning

Before you even turn on the unit, you will need to make sure it is clean. Here are some steps you should take:

  • Replace or clean the filters
  • Take the cover off the unit outside if you have covered it for the winter to allow for proper airflow and prevent the compressor from overheating
  • Clean up dirt, leaves and debris around the unit
  • Gently spray the unit with a hose
  • Clean the coil and condensation drain

You want to ensure your AC is in top condition before turning it on. That way, you can rule out dirtiness as a factor if you find that it is not working correctly.

Professional Check-Up

Now that you have cleaned your unit and waited for a beautiful 20’C day, you are ready to turn on your air conditioner for the first time this season. But when you do, you notice something isn’t right.

Maybe it does not sound the same when it’s running or, perhaps, it is not cooling as well as it did in past years. Whatever the issue, it is always a good idea to call an HVAC expert to find out. It may just need a minor repair but, if left unchecked, could end up leading to a more costly replacement.

Even if your unit is working fine, if you know it has been a while since your last tune-up, now is the time to book! The hottest days of the year are when HVAC technicians are busiest, so you don’t want to wait until then to schedule your appointment. Call Your Local HVAC Team today for a check-up and make sure your AC unit is ready for the hot, humid days ahead.