Geothermal systems are the most energy-efficient heating systems in the market because they make use of renewable heat within the earth to produce heating that is both effective and efficient.

Geothermal systems are also known as ground source heat pumps and they collect heat from the sun and water that is already stored in the earth and maintain a constant temperature throughout the year. During the winter, the refrigerant in the heat pump condenses the heat and this provides enough energy to heat a home during cold temperatures. During the summer, the system dumps the heat from the home into the ground and the process is reversed. The exchange of heat is done through the use of a heat pump, a loop system, and a water or glycol mix. This is a basic explanation of how a geothermal heat pump works and the experts at Your Local HVAC Team can provide a more detailed explanation.

The reason geothermal systems are so efficient is because a ground source system collects heat that is already present, so it does not have to burn fossil fuel or make use of electric resistance heat the way a space heater does. Also, temperatures below the earth’s surface remain much higher making it very easy to collect heat during the winter. In the summer, the cool earth and water receives heat more easily and these temperature differences make geothermal heat pumps very efficient.

The biggest advantage to this system is its efficiency, which is far more significant when compared to other options. Another benefit is that loop systems are long-lasting and the only downfall is the cost of the equipment and repairs. However, as the demand for geothermal heat pump systems grows, the costs will drop and become more stabilized so that they’re accessible for more customers and provide better value for more consumers.

Even if you’re faced with higher costs initially, you will see a lot of savings in the long run because of your lower energy bills. Geothermal heat pumps are a cost-effective choice for anyone living in very warm climates as well as for those living in cold climates. If heating or cooling is necessary for the climate that you live, a geothermal heat pump is worth considering.

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