Without proper heating or air conditioning inside your home, you would either be freezing or toasting in hot weather. There is so much to know about your air conditioning or heating; this is why you must do your research on your HVAC. Your home is probably the place you’ve been spending most of your time during the pandemic. We can’t lie when we say that we have been staying at home even after the restrictions were lifted. It feels odd for us to go out with a virus still spreading; this is why you should have a place where you feel comfortable watching your favorite tv shows and movies.

  1. Remember always to change your air filter if you want better ventilation inside of your home. Dirty or clogged air filters are one of the most common causes of poor functioning HVAC systems. You should change our air filter monthly or at least every three months if you want to feel cold or warm air inside of your home.
  2. Check your thermostat often. This is something which you can easily do while you’re at home. Some thermostats even have features that allow you to control them from your mobile device. Keeping a consistent temperature in your home will be better for yourself and the thermostat.
  3. Check the circuit breakers to see if there may be issues with wiring if your heating or cooling system does not shut off. To determine if the circuit breaker is broken, run your finger down the column of the switch to check for a breaker that may seem out of place.
  4. Many people forget to clean their outdoor units when it comes to taking care of their HVAC system. This is where most debris gets stored, such as grass, dirt, pebbles and even garbage. Things that crowd your outdoor unit can obstruct the airflow in your home, making it hard to feel cool or warm.
  5. Clean registers, ducts and vents will help to prevent dust from spreading throughout your home. Your air vents may be carrying dog hair, dust and other debris you don’t want to spread in your home; this is why cleaning them is important.

You must pay attention to how your HVAC system reacts to different changes in climate. You want to make sure that you are getting the best heating or cooling system to keep yourself or your family comfortable. If you are looking for furnaces or heating and air conditioning systems in Muskoka, then make sure to contact Your Local HVAC Team.