Electric heaters can help warm up a home and work by convection or radiant heat. With convection heating, hot air rises and relies upon natural convection to move the heat around the room, whereas radiant heat works by heating objects instead of the air. Convection heaters need to be placed near the floor level because it has to heat cold air at the floor but a radiant heater can be located at the floor or ceiling level because it is heating objects.

There are different types of electric heaters for a home, including the following:

Electric Wall Heaters

These are great if you’re looking for additional heat in smaller rooms, especially bathrooms. These wall heaters are usually recessed in the wall cavity between two wall studs and are generally a convection style heater with a motorized fan. Some models may use silent radiant heat with electric coils and a reflective back panel, as this, too, is a possibility. Most electric wall heaters are self-contained and have built-in thermostats.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

These heaters use electric heating coils for non-motorized convection heating and look similar to hydronic baseboard heaters. Electric baseboard heaters do not have the room for effective motorized cooling, nor are they proportioned for it, so it’s Mother Nature who takes care of moving the hot air. With these units, cool air is drawn into the bottom slots and warmed by the heating coils and fins, after which the warm air exits from the top slots of the unit. Electric baseboard heaters are often placed beneath windows to counter heat loss from the glass.

Kick-space Heaters

These units are ideal if you have limited space applications. They are specially designed to be very low, so they fit nicely under cabinets or vanities. Thanks to its proportion, the use of a motorized forced air fan can successfully distribute warm air.

Panel Heaters

These units use direct radiant heat for maximum comfort. Radiant heat does not warm the air and warms objects like your tiles or tub instead, so these will all be warmed by the radiant heat energy of the panel. The panel can be placed anywhere, so these heaters can be placed on the wall just below the ceiling so that it’s not in your way. They are very effective because their location will allow for maximum comfort and similar to other electric heaters, panel heaters work with a remote line-voltage thermostat.

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