Whether you use a window air conditioning unit or a wall model, you should keep energy efficiency in mind. Not only is it better for the environment, but energy-efficient practices will also make your unit last longer and save you money in the long run. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using your air conditioner:

Keep It On

If you keep your unit running all the time, remember to turn up the temperature when you are not home. That way you can turn it down when you are home, and it will cool down your house faster than if you left it off for the day. There is no need to have it working hard all day cooling your home down when no one is there. Save energy and money by leaving your air conditioner on a higher temperature so that it does not run at full capacity all day.

Close Blinds

While it might be tempting to let the sunlight in on a beautiful summer day, it could end up costing you a lot. When it is bright out, you should close all your curtains and blinds so that you are not inadvertently heating your house up while your air conditioner works to cool it down.

Use a Fan

Just because you have air conditioning does not mean you can go without a fan. On especially hot days, resist the urge to crank your air conditioner and, instead, use it in conjunction with a fan. Installing ceiling fans in rooms, you often use like the living room or bedroom can help keep your cooling costs down. A fan helps cooled air circulate around the rooms, which means your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to pump more cold air in.

Close Doors

If no one is using a room, keep the door closed while you have the air conditioner on. That way cold air has fewer places to escape to, which means the rooms people are in will become cool faster.

Turn it Off

If you use room units, remember to turn off the air conditioner in the rooms that people will not be in for a while. There is no sense in spending money and using up energy on a space that is hardly occupied.

Last Resort

Try to hold off on using your air conditioner until the temperature gets too hot. Use a fan instead until it isn’t enough.

Use Heat-Emitting Devices Less

On especially hot days, use high heat-emitting devices during the coolest times of the day. That is when your air conditioner will not be exerting as much energy.

Dress Appropriately

Keep your need for cooling to a minimum by wearing lighter, breathable clothes when temperatures are high. That way you do not have to set your air conditioner as low to keep yourself cool.

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