An ageing water heater requires extra attention because you will have to proceed with a hot water tank replacement sooner than later. Most homeowners dread this task because of the amount of time it takes as well as the costs associated with it; however, the right knowledge can make the process a lot less difficult and challenging.

If you’re considering a water heater that doesn’t come with a tank, you should know that they are becoming a popular option because they allow the homeowner to save a significant amount in terms of energy costs and also have longer lifespans. While these two qualities are very appealing, they also come with higher installation costs and retrofitting is more expensive too, so these aspects cause many homeowners to stick to the technology of a water tank that is far more affordable. Water heaters that don’t come with a tank also have smaller capabilities and the cost of the initial process is very steep.

Water Heater: Electric or Gas

You’ll have to consider whether you want electric or gas and many homeowners base their decision on the cost factor. One of the most common questions is which option is cheaper in the long run and the answer is not a simple one. Each of these options come with their set of advantages and disadvantages and while electric water heaters are more energy-efficient than gas alternatives, they are more expensive to maintain. On the other hand, while gas water heaters are more affordable and run into fewer issues, your utility bills will be higher. For these reasons, it’s better to choose the option that will suit your lifestyle better because one option is not necessarily cheaper than the other. The bottom line is to save as much as possible and the cost is a very important issue, so do your research by taking every detail into consideration before making your choice. Larger homes tend to see more savings with a gas hot water tank, while smaller homes can consider an electric one.

If you feel confident in your handy work and want to handle this yourself, it’s best to reconsider. The installation fee is very minimal compared to the dangers you may encounter. There’s no reason to put yourself or anyone in your home at risk because carbon monoxide poisoning and electrification are possibilities without the help of a professional. When dealing with gas or electricity, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals who can help with your water heater.

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