Replacing your furnace and air conditioner together is generally recommended because it will ensure that your air conditioner performs at its rated efficiency. The issue with this is the average lifespan that each of these units has as furnaces last longer than air conditioners. They have an average lifespan of about 15-30 years, whereas the lifespan of an air conditioner is about 15-20 years.

The fan is a component of the furnace that blows conditioned air throughout your home and is necessary to produce the proper airflow for the evaporator coil and heat exchanger to operate at their rated efficiencies. Your air conditioner will need to use the blower motor to push the air throughout your house and the only way to guarantee your new air conditioner will perform at its rated efficiency is to replace your furnace at the same time as well. Doing this will mean your systems match, which is why it is generally a better idea. If, for example, you install a high-efficiency air conditioner that has a high rating but keep your old furnace that has an outdated blower motor, you will end up with a mismatched system, which will reduce its efficiency. This is why many homeowners choose to replace these units at the same time even though it is not mandatory and it is possible to mix and match your systems. This is not usually recommended, however, especially if your furnace is over 15 years old.

It is always necessary to replace all of the air conditioning components at the same time if you have a split system; however, it is not a must to replace both the AC components and your furnace at the same time. For this reason, some people choose to keep their existing furnace, although the reality is that this is something you should only do if your furnace is less than ten years old as it will likely be able to run until the next time your air conditioner needs to be replaced. This is the only time you should consider waiting to replace your furnace at the same time as your air conditioner and is the only time this option makes sense.

In most cases, it is always better to replace your air conditioner and furnace at the same time because it decreases the chances of HVAC repairs and replacements. Anytime your furnace is over 15 years old or the installation is complicated or you are buying a high-efficiency air conditioner with a high rating, you must replace your units at the same time. Replacing them together will also provide you with better savings overall, as replacing each unit individually would cost you more.

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