If you’ve ever sat in the heat of your indoors while waiting for HVAC technicians to arrive and fix your air conditioning unit, you will know the value of recognizing key signs of its imminent failure. Air conditioning offers significant relief on hot days and stays in a working condition with regular maintenance. Being able to recognize a few noticeable glitches is a cost-efficient way of preventing your air conditioning unit from any significant damages.

Ensure to contact a good HVAC service provider once you notice any of the warning signs below. A professional inspection entails a thorough examination of the air conditioning unit, running well-devised performance, control, leak, and dye detection tests.

Unusual Odours or Sounds

Air conditioning units are pricey and require maintenance to maintain a healthy working condition for a long period. The biggest signs of deterioration in your AC unit are unusual odours and sounds. Musty smells are an indicator that there is mould inside of the duct or air conditioning equipment itself. While a pungent smell usually means that unit’s wire insulation has burned out.

Strange sounds, such as grinding, squealing, and grating from the unit may indicate a damaged component. The problem can lead to hefty and expensive repairs if it is not combatted immediately. Moreover, a grinding sound may indicate that motor’s bearings are broken, while a squealing noise may be a sign that a metal component in the unit needs lubrication or the belt has been dislocated.

Unnecessary Moisture

The presence of moisture or water in close proximity of the system is a strong indication of a machinery issue. Pools of water next to your air conditioning unit indicates that the drain tube responsible for disposing of air conditioner condensation is broken or blocked. The problem only requires a quick fix, however, urgently to avoid mould growth.

The leakage could also be refrigerant emanate, that could pose a health risk to the residents. Air conditioning repair experts must be contacted as quickly as possible.

Minimal Air Flow or No Cool Air

Tons of dirt and debris get trapped into the vents of air conditioning systems over time. The issue poses a health risk to everybody in your home and results in a blockage of airflow. It is important to get your air ducts cleaned once every two to three years. Furthermore, a lack of sufficient air flow can also be a result of a failure in the unit’s air compressor.

Free flowing air from the vents must also be cold to alter and maintain the temperatures indoors. If you realize that the air being delivered by the vents is not cold enough, then either the system’s air compressor has been damaged or the Freon levels of the unit are too low. Urgent repairs are needed in this case to avoid replacing the unit entirely.

Your Local HVAC Team

A good HVAC service provider must be called in to detect and combat any technical issues with your air conditioning unit at your earliest convenience. Simply contact Your Local HVAC Team to hire a professional and knowledgeable team of technicians, well-equipped to offer you the best heating and cooling products & services in the market, along with installation services and repairs.

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