As much as most of us would prefer to spend the summer season on the patio and winters huddled up indoors; the office is usually where we’re spending our Mondays too Fridays. It can be difficult for most commercial office spaces to maintain the ideal temperature that ensures every employee’s comfort all year long. During the summertime, the office may feel like an icebox from the AC and during the winter, the office space may be akin to a sauna.

Discovering the ideal temperature for the office starts with discovering what could be causing the less than ideal temperature to determine how to fix it. Fortunately, Your Local HVAC Team has everything you need to know below!

Causes of Less Than Ideal Office Temperature

  • Bad AC Unit: Your current AC unit may be inefficient from airflow blockage, oil filters or a failing system that is unable to deliver proper airflow across the office.
  • Windows: There’s a possibility that some of the windows in your office are not completely closed and allowing cold air from the outside to enter your office space. The windows may also act as a source of extra sunlight during the summertime, which can heat the office further and raise the temperatures.
  • Thermostat Wars: If employees in the office are frequently changing the temperature by either raising or lowering it, this can impact the ability to maintain ideal air temperature in the office. It’s in the best interest of the entire office to only allow one person to manage the temperature and keep it at a specific, ideal temperature.

What Is the Ideal Office Temperature?

According to the Canadian Standards Association on Office Ergonomics, the ideal office temperature during the summertime should be kept between 23 to 26 degrees Celsius. During winter, the ideal temperature should be between 20 and 23.5 degrees Celcius with 50% relative humidity.

How Can A Commercial HVAC Team Help?

A commercial HVAC team can ensure your AC unit and furnace is functioning optimally and regularly maintained. If you’re unsure of whether your commercial heating system is working effectively, Your Local HVAC Team can visit and check for:

  • Whether filters need to be replaced
  • Inspect the fan, bearings and the belts
  • Fix any leaks
  • Clean and adjust the dampers
  • Clean the air ducts
  • Check the evaporator coils and the drain pan
  • Clean area around the HVAC unit
  • Thermostat calibration check 

Your Local HVAC Team can help your commercial office space maintain an ideal, comfortable temperature 365 days a year! We provide effective and affordable commercial and residential HVAC maintenance packages to ensure your HVAC unit is always running optimally. Our HVAC products are vast and cover all units of your home or business needs. Our HVAC experts can assist and guide you through which unit is most suitable for your property to have functional heating and cooling. Browse our products from Your Local HVAC Team or call us at 705-205-2119.