If you are enjoying the chilly winters of Muskoka comfortably, you have your furnace to thank! When it comes to choosing a suitable home heater, there are a variety of options to choose from. Depending on the size of your home and the kind of comfort you are looking for, different heating equipment can fulfil different goals. One of the most commonly used types of heating equipment is a gas furnace. Natural gas, which basically contains methane and other hydrocarbons occur naturally usually underground, is used as fuel.

Natural Gas Furnace

Having a natural gas furnace is a great way to warm up your home. Before considering the merits of a gas furnace, let us examine how it actually works. The first step is to change the thermostat settings to a particular temperature. Once you do that, a signal is sent to your furnace. The gas furnace control board ensures all safety measures are turned on and keeps monitoring them on a continuous basis, through the working tenure of the heater. The natural gas in the furnace ignites it and spreads warm air throughout your home, via a duct network. This usually takes some time, between 30-60 seconds. In the event that the heating process is interrupted by a technical snag, the safety is triggered and the natural gas furnace will be cut off automatically. This is a safety mechanism and the furnace will shut down for the safety of the occupants.

Once your room is set at a particular temperature and the thermostat has received the readings at your set temperature, the furnace will automatically shut down. The thermostat will ensure that the room temperature remains at the one that you have set it for. This is usually the process for a single stage non-programmable thermostat. However, there are many variations of gas furnaces and thermostats that are available in the market. While most of them work on this basic principle, minor deviations may be possible.

It is imperative that furnace maintenance should be your top priority when prepping for the cold winter months of Bracebridge. Make sure to get your gas furnace examined by a specialized service provider for safety and efficiency. If you have already started your furnace and doubt that it is not operating on its optimum performance, switch off the system at both the thermostat and power supply. Make sure to call experts such as Your Local HVAC Team to have your furnace checked thoroughly for any technical glitches and regular maintenance. Your Local HVAC Team is a reliable and friendly HVAC company serving the heating and air conditioning needs of Muskoka with reliable, skilled and impeccable customer service. To know how to maintain your gas furnace efficiently, contact us today.