It is very normal for air ducts to get dusty and while it may seem like cleaning them is a good idea, it is not, in fact, necessary for you to clean your ductwork regularly.

It may seem odd that cleaning your air ducts is not a part of the regular HVAC maintenance procedure but the reality is that ducts need to be cleaned whenever it is really necessary because there are no proven benefits of doing this task regularly and it does not affect or prevent health issues. Contrary to popular belief, duct cleaning will not decrease the amount of dust within a home because any dirt found in air ducts sticks to the duct surface and does not make its way into your living space. This is not to say that duct cleaning is a bad idea, it’s just not something that you need to do often and can be done in specific situations like if there was excessive amounts of filth or the presence of mice, for example. The growth of mould will also require action on your part but if you’re not dealing with issues of this nature, there is no reason to clean your air ducts regularly as it does not serve a purpose and will not make a difference in any aspect.

If you do need to clean your air ducts, it is best to leave this to the professionals because specialized tools are required to clean ducts properly. These tools will help loosen the dirt present in the ducts so that they are airborne and can be vacuumed out easily. In some cases, the ducts may have to be cut in order for the tools to access dirt and other contaminants, after which they will have to resealed carefully. A vacuum system designed for HVAC purposes specifically will be used to remove all of the loose dirt and if this task is not done right you can damage your system.

For these reasons, it is very important that you hire a qualified HVAC technician to clean your ducts, as this will make a world of difference. Inexperienced technicians or those who do not have the proper skills and licensing can not only harm your unit but put your safety at risk, which is why you need to hire a reputable contractor who can complete this task efficiently and safely and eliminate the possibility of any risks.

When it comes to your air ducts, you now know that they only need to be cleaned whenever there is a serious problem, which is a rare occurrence. If you do run into an issue like contamination, it’s best to have your entire HVAC system cleaned and not just your ducts and Your Local HVAC Team can help with any heating and air conditioning issues you may have. If your furnaces need to be looked after and you’re in the Bracebridge or Muskoka areas, give Your Local HVAC Team a call today!