Conventional gas furnaces are fairly simple, but they can run into their own problems from time to time. After turning on your furnace, and you don’t feel like it’s working properly, there are about seven common problems that are causing the lack of heat.

Continue reading this blog to learn more about the common problems that your conventional gas furnace may be experiencing.

  • Many times, your furnace will begin to have insufficient heat, which will affect your heating and air conditioning. These problems can be seen when the furnace has no power or electricity or the thermostat settings are wrong. 
  • Your furnace might frequently be turning on and off. This might be a normal occurrence in your gas furnace but is sometimes damaging to how it reacts and creates heat throughout your house. 
  • Common problems that may occur in your traditional conventional gas furnace might be seen when the blower is constantly running. This can ultimately corrode or wear out the blow motor.
  • Annoying or repetitive noises that come from your furnace might be a sign that it’s time to get it repaired. The noise often sounds like a budding effect and without proper care can lead to a series of new damages.
  • The pilot light may sometimes be shut off and damaged, this is due to dirt buildup on the interior of the furnace and blockage in gas tubes that can cutoff heat supply in your house.
  • Your electronic ignition might be failing. This means that the burners that turn the gas into heat around the house are malfunctioning.
  • Your thermostat and furnace may likely be mismatched. If you are purchasing a conventional gas furnace, you have to make sure you are getting the correct thermostat that provides the proper functions of heat around your house.


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